Moss Time  (2020)

A collaborative project between James, Calder Tsuyuki Tomlinson and Pablo Fernández Velasco as part of The Flute & the Bowl, the Oxford Society for Art and Ecology.

Calder is an artist-researcher currently completing an MSc in environmental governance at the University of Oxford.

Pablo is an interdisciplinary doctoral researcher working in between the Cognitive Science Department of Ecole Normale Superieure and the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience of University College London.


Due to COVID-19 the group exhibition Among the Garbage and the Flowers at the 6b, Lieu de création et de diffusion à Saint-Denis (Paris, France) has been postponed until further notice.

Following the stalling of the project due to present conditions an online manifestation of Moss Time has been produced, hydrate, dry, wait, repeat, until the full project can be realised.

hydrate, dry, wait, repeat

Emerging in response to a growing sense of ecological disorientation, hydrate, dry, wait, repeat is an online manifestation of the trio’s ongoing multidisciplinary collaborative project, Moss Time. In combining manipulated time-lapse video, immersive audio and an interdisciplinary essay hydrate, dry, wait, repeat provides a meditative experience that dislocates the viewer from their ordinary environmental perception.

This online version has evolved as a consequence of the current global health crisis, which has not only altered the project's initial plans, but also societal perspective on existence. The trio’s previous reflections on existential disorientation and the need for the stillness of moss seems almost prescient in the context of the current pandemic. As human interaction in this unprecedented time becomes ever more facilitated by the internet, hydrate, dry, wait, repeat, repeat has been hosted on a specially designed website in order to facilitate the viewing experience. While the internet normally promotes hectic modes of experience, by pruning sources of information and interaction, the website provides an unusual platform in which the viewer can find a sense of stillness in the midst of life’s maelstrom.

*The work is programmed for laptop and desktop devices
**Use headphones for best audio.

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